About us

Fresh all-natural fish from the North Atlantic Ocean. Visscher Seafood is a family business that takes pride in making pure fish products, free of additives, chemicals and antibiotics. With our own natural salmon farming program VÅRLAKS we control the entire supply chain from egg to plate. Our production facilities meet the highest requirements and are ideally located. This gives us the perfect conditions to serve customers all over the world with first-class quality fish.

All-Natural Fish. Visscher Seafood products are free of additives, chemicals, preservatives and antibiotics. To obtain the best fish in the world we keep to these core values:

  • Tasty, Healthy & Sustainable

    Our fish tastes fantastic because it's fresh and healthy and caught or farmed in the most sustainable manner known today. What you see is what you get, our products have only one ingredient: fish.

  • Clean & Lean

    Because our fish is untreated we need to have very clean production methods and we have to be quick, very quick. We have optimized speed throughout the value chain, creating a supply chain model which is unparalleled anywhere in the world.

  • Passion & Respect

    We work with passion for our fish and our craft. We treat nature, our people and of course our customers and partners with respect.

Our aim is to do things a little bit better each and every day. We will proceed with these continuous improvements so that we can keep leading the way in this dynamic sector.

‘’Our mission is to make the wonderful all-natural fish from the North Atlantic ocean available for the world.’’